SocialMovement is an instructor-led low to moderate intensity foundational strength and balance group exercise class format that utilizes fun, unique peer interaction exercise routines and innovative, interactive props to offer the most entertaining group strength class ever created.

SocialMovement is designed to be an engaging, effective alternative for those people that are not interested in participating in high intensity strength training classes. This class is especially well-suited for those who have been previously sedentary, those returning from an injury, people with weight issues, and older adults. SocialMovement offers a high-tech version of the program which features a 42" touch screen monitor for static placement at a participating facility and a simple, portable version of the program for individual instructors.

The concept and the class were originated in California where it became an immediate hit with participants at the club where it originated. Now SocialMovement, LLC is proud to offer this format to fitness instructors and facilities everywhere.

Providers need only supply handheld dumbbells and step platforms with risers for the brief seated portions of the class.

For Individual Instructors -

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Teaching a group fitness class has never been this FUN or this EASY- so why not take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and add "Certified SocialMovement Instructor" to your resume- for FREE?!

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